Flooring Ideas to Customize Your Garage

Have you been getting sick of your garage floor? Maybe the floor is starting to look a little worse for wear and you want to do something about it. Fortunately, there are some great options available to get your garage in shape.

What’s the major gripe with your garage floor? It’s not something that most people pay much attention to most of the time. However, when you start to look at the problems and imperfections, you will want to make some changes to get things looking better.

What do you think of this garage floor? See other ideas from Wonderful Engineering

What do you think of this garage floor? See other ideas from Wonderful Engineering

Below, we’ll be looking at all the most important factors you will have to consider when it comes to getting a beautiful garage floor. Whether it’s paint or mats, there are some great options available. It’s time that you updated your garage flooring.

Before Getting Started on the Garage Floor

Before you can start to think about all the options that are available for the garage floor, you will want to make sure that you check the surface of the floor. You want to be sure that you are eliminating any cracks or other damage that exist. If you don’t take care of the repairs first, it can make it difficult to apply new flooring. This also includes thoroughly cleaning the floor, since you don’t want grease and oil stains to start appearing on the floor.

Get the garage floor in good shape first. Image from Pixabay

Get the garage floor in good shape first. Image from Pixabay

Regardless of your flooring, you need to be sure that you are taking care of the condensation and moisture on the floor first. You can check out more about how weatherstripping will help and how poor quality weatherstripping could be one of the causes of the problem here. Make the repairs you need, and it will provide you with a more visually appealing space. After that, you can then add flooring.

In some cases, you might need to have a full replacement. This could be true if any of the following apply.

● Temperature changes have caused a lot of cracks to appear.

● The threshold is damaged and needs to be repaired or redone.

● Extensive chipping occurs to the garage floor

● The floor looks like it could be sinking into the ground.

● There are so many stains, damage, and other issues that it would be easier to replace the floor.

● You dislike the look of the garage floor, and you want a major change.

When you have these issues, you would often be better off with a total floor replacement. If there are only minor conditions, you can make the repairs and then think about flooring. Think about what’s best for you.

Try out new garage flooring ideas to really make your contemporary garage look fantastic.

What do you think of an all-glass garage door? Here is the California, in 18’x8’, Black aluminum frame and Mirror glass.

Epoxy Garage Flooring

When applying epoxy, you use brushes and rollers. It’s important to remember that epoxy is not necessarily paint, though. The main differences are with the materials used and the performance. Paint will harden through evaporation, while epoxy hardens because of a chemical reaction that takes place with the two parts that make up the epoxy. Once it has cured, the epoxy can provide a long-lasting and durable coat that looks great.

Epoxy and epoxy paint are different. Epoxy paint only has a small amount of epoxy. True epoxy will have two parts—the resin and the hardener. You will mix the two and then apply it to your garage floor.

Painting Your Garage Floors

Another option is to use high-quality paint for the floor. If you have floors that could use a covering, but you don’t need epoxy, then some oil-based or latex paint can work well. You can find a range of options including satin and non-slip paint. These garage floor paints are resistant to solvents, salt, and other materials that could damage or stain your garage floor.

Some of the latex pains, as mentioned, will include some epoxy resin. This has the benefit of making the flooring more durable and resistant to stains. Always make sure the paint you choose is made for concrete floors.

Add some visual interest to your garage floor with paint.

Add some visual interest to your garage floor with paint.

Tile Could Be a Good Idea for the Garage Flooring

If you are looking for a simple option for your garage floor, tiles can work well. They work like those that you might have in your home. They will generally be made from semi-rigid plastic, rubber, or wood composite.

The tiles are simple to use. they will lock together and raise the floor slightly because of their thickness. They tend to be strong enough to handle the weight of vehicles with no problem. Another benefit is that the tiles could help to level the garage floor.

Plastic tiles are usually made from polypropylene or PVC. You will find that many of the options have accessories for door thresholds and finishing edges.

Rubber tiles are another option. They are like those used in daycare facilities and sports facilities. The rubber tiles tend to be comfortable under your feet.

Wood composite tiles could work, too. These are small panels that connect using a tongue and groove design. They will also have a transition strip for the site of the garage door.

Tile is a good solution for many people, and it tends to be easy to install on your own. You can find a wealth of styles and colors that can work well for just about any type of garage no matter how you plan to use the space.

Tile looks great. It is also durable and easy to keep clean.

Tile looks great. It is also durable and easy to keep clean.

Floor Mats Could Work

Maybe you are looking for a fast solution or something temporary. Maybe you want something that will be easy to maintain and replace if needed. Roll-out mats, which are often made from rubber or plastic, can be a nice solution. They can be used to cover up areas of the floor that are damaged or stained. They tend to be more durable than epoxy or paint, as well.

You can find a range of floor mats available. Some have similarities to rugs, others are textured, and some might have padding. They are often thick, durable, and easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about upkeep.

More than Just the Garage Floor

You might find that you need to give your garage some more care and attention than just the floors. Maybe you want to have a new smart garage door opener. Maybe you want some more light in the garage and would like to install windows. You might even want an all-new garage door.

What do you think of these garage doors? These are Eastman E-13, 8’x7’, in Desert Sand doors and overlays, with Panoramic Clear Windows.

What do you think of these garage doors? These are Eastman E-13 , 8’x7’, in Desert Sand doors and overlays, with Panoramic Clear Windows.

Getting Your New Garage Door

Contact your local garage door specialist. We can help you find exactly what you need for your new garage door.

Dor ‑Co Garage Doors wants to make it as easy as possible for you. We can even offer an email quotation.

Wondering what style of home that you have? Explore these 3 styles to learn more about the styles and what garage door might work best with your space.

Reach out to us at 1-800-590-4455 and we will make sure you have assistance on all things related to garage doors.

Are you an app lover?

Add our virtual Design Centre to your smartphone or tablet and give it a spin. You can look at all sorts of different garage doors to find your style. You can also upload a photo of your home and see how the doors look on it.

Having trouble deciding?

Lots of gorgeous residential garage doors are waiting for you here. All you have to do is take a look and see whether any of these things spark inspiration for you.

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