Organize Your Garage with a New Bike Rack

Store Your Bike the Right Way with a Bike Rack in the Garage

Family biking on a country lane.

Family biking on a country lane.

Getting out into the sunshine and riding your bike is a great, freeing feeling. It's nice to spend some time outside, whether you are heading to the mountains or just cruising the beach or the streets around where you live.

However, bikes can take up a lot of space. Therefore, you need to have a good way of storing them. Consider getting a bike rack for your garage.

Below, you will learn more about how you can get your garage ready for your bikes and some of the top methods to store the bikes the right way. A little planning and the right tools go a long way.

Of course, each garage is different. Naturally, you need to make sure that you are using the storage methods and bike racks that will work well for your space.

Having a good storage method will keep your bikes safe from being damaged in the garage. You will find that there are quite a few good options available for storing your bike. The first thing you need to do, though, is making sure that you have a good plan in place.

#1: Begin with a Plan

No matter what you are doing, it's always best to start with a good plan. When you are formulating your ideas, you need to consider a few factors. These include:

● Determining how much space you have available

● Knowing how many bikes you need to store

● Ways to make great use of the space you have

Take the time to think about all of the above. Once you have answers to those questions, you can start to think about the various bike racks for the garage that might work well for your needs. It will also let you know if there is anything else you might need to do to prepare the garage.

#2: Organizing and Cleaning the Garage

Now that you've started to develop your basic plan, it's time that you got the garage in shape. This means cleaning out the garage, getting rid of clutter, and organizing things. If you find things that you don't need, get rid of them. Give items away, donate them, recycle them, sell them, or throw them away. When you take the time to clean and organize the garage, you will see just how much space you have. This will make it easier to choose the right bike rack for the garage.

#3: Put Items Away

If you have items that don't need to be on the garage floor, consider moving them for even more space. You could add shelves and store items on shelves, for example. You always want to have as much floor space as possible. This is especially true if you need to store your vehicle in the garage, as well as your bikes.

#4: Check out the Bike Rack Options for Your Garage

Now that you have the garage cleaned and organized, it's time to start looking for bike storage racks and other storage ideas. You will find that there are quite a few options from which you can choose. You will want to opt for the one that you feel will work best for your garage. Some of the options include:

● Bicycle lifts

● Bike wall storage racks

● Hanging racks

● Bike racks for the floor

● Ceiling racks

Which of these might work well for you? Let's get a closer look at each of them to get a better idea.


Bicycle Lifts

With a bicycle lift, you can keep your bike off the ground. You can find quite a few options and styles available. Some are ideal for holding just one bike. Others can handle several bikes. There are options for horizontal freestanding racks, which can offer several tiers of space for your bikes. Check out the image from below to get a better idea of what this might look like in your garage.

Delta Cycle freestanding bike rack in a home office, holding two bikes. It can work well in the garage, too.

Delta Cycle freestanding bike rack in a home office, holding two bikes. It can work well in the garage, too.


Bike Wall Storage

What about storing your bike on the walls? This can be a good option. You can find hooks and clips that can be attached to the wall and that can hold your bikes. You can find horizontal and vertical options, and they are available in different sizes and styles. You should be able to find a solution that will work for the bikes you own whether you have bikes for the kids, large mountain bikes, cruisers, etc. If you are looking for a minimalistic option, wall clips can work well since they don't take up a lot of space.

CLUG is a popular option. You can see it in the photo below. You can find a range of models.

CLUG is a type of simple wall clip that you could consider for bike storage. They offer a range of models.

CLUG , the World's Smallest Bike Rack.


Hanging Racks

Another option to consider is a hanging rack. You will find multiple options from manufacturers that can work nicely. You can find floor-to-ceiling racks and hoist systems that can pull the bike off the ground. A benefit of a hoist system is that it's out of the way. You can also find a hanging rack from Rubbermaid that could work. Check it out in the photo below.

Hanging bike rack for the garage from Rubbermaid.

Hanging bike rack for the garage from Rubbermaid.


Floor Bike Racks

Freestanding floor bike racks are a nice solution, too. If you aren't able to drill into the wall or place anything on the ceiling, it might be just what you need. You can move these racks around the garage and reposition them if needed. There are plenty of styles that would work well for you, whether you need to hold just one or two bikes or enough for the entire family. Learn more about these types of racks at

Racor PBS-2R Tow-Bike Floor Bike Stand Floor bike rack.

Racor PBS-2R Tow-Bike Floor Bike Stand Floor bike rack.


Ceiling Racks

Woman loading bike onto saris cycle glide ceiling bike rack

Woman loading a bike onto saris cycle glide ceiling bike rack ( )

Ceiling racks can work well, but you do need to be careful with them. You want to be sure that the racks are places where the garage door can still open properly.

With this type of bike rack for the garage, you can keep the bikes completely off the floor. However, they are not as easy to access, and they could be difficult to use for some people, as you have to put the bike over your head.

Now that you've seen some of the options you can consider, which of these bike racks will work well for your garage? Remember to think about all of the different bikes you own. You want to make sure that you have enough racks.

Consider choosing a rack that has enough space for extra bikes. This way, if you get more bikes in the future, or you have friends with bikes visit, there will be a place to store them.

Also, you want to be sure that you are keeping your bike safe from theft. Keep the doors locked and lock up your bikes even when they are in your garage.

A good system for garage bike storage keeps your bikes organized.

Does Your Garage Need Some TLC?

In addition to the bike racks for storing your bikes, you also want to think about the overall condition of your garage door. You want to be sure that the door can keep your bike protected from the elements, thieves, and any other issues that might arise. Consider adding a pedestrian door. One of these doors can help to make it easier for you to get your bike in and out without the need to open and close the garage door each time.

When you opt to get a new garage door opener, it will ensure you have photo-cell safety beams. This safety feature for the door has been used since the early part of the 90s. If you have older doors, then they won't have this feature, which can make them dangerous to use. The technology has two pieces that are installed on the sides of the door about four inches from the ground. One of the units features an IR beam that hits the other unit, which is a reflector. If the beam is broken, by a pet or child, for example, it signals the garage door to reverse direction when being closed.

Do you have a shed or small garage where you keep your bikes? A good option might be to add a sectional garage door to the building. It's a practical option that can make it easier to get to your bikes. You can keep the door open for more light when you are working on your bikes, too.

Find a great garage door like the one seen in the image below. It has a pedestrian door, too.

Are you a fan of contemporary looks? This garage door is a Moderno 2 Beads, 9' x 8', Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony

Are you a fan of contemporary looks? This garage door is a Moderno 2 Beads, 9' x 8', Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony

When you have a nice, new garage door, it will be insulated. The insulation makes sure that the garage will be ready for any weather, whether it's cold or hot. The R-Value is a measurement of thermal resistance found in construction. When the R number is higher, it means that the thermal insulation is better. Good insulation and weatherstripping can help stave off condensation.

You will also appreciate how great a new garage door will look. If you want to improve the look and the value of your property, consider getting a new garage door.

Take your time when choosing a new garage door. You want one that looks great with your home and that works well. Check out the garage door in the image below.

Garage doors: Standard+ Shaker-Flat XL, 9' x 8', Ice White, 8 lite Orion windows

You love timeless beauty? These garage doors are Shaker-Flat XL design, 9'x8', Ice White colour, 8 lite Orion windows

Ready for a New Garage Door?

If you are finally ready to get a new garage door, be sure you contact your local garage door dealer. The professionals will help to ensure that you are getting a door that looks great, works perfectly, and will fit your budget.

Dor ‑Co Garage Doors can offer a quotation through email. Be sure to check out the 3 styles to help find the right door.

Call us at 1-877-371-5775.

The professionals are looking forward to helping you with your garage door needs.

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