MyQ smartphone app: how am I able to open and close my garage door?

We carry the full line of LiftMaster products (828LM, 888LM and 821LM) to integrate the MyQ app with your current garage door opener, whether it is residential or commercial. You’re welcome to view this explanatory video from LiftMaster.

Monitor & control your home or business
Monitor your garage door and house lights from near or far with the LiftMaster MyQ Home Control App.

Need help?

For your safety and that of your loved ones, we recommend you contact us to evaluate your current situation and see whether or not you can install this very useful WiFi app. Get a free written quotation to learn the cost of the 3 possible options.

So what exactly is this application?

Door opener technology for both residential and commercial uses has rapidly evolved in the last few years. Thanks to a Wi-Fi application, you can open and close your garage door remotely, anywhere in the world. As well, you can ensure that your garage door is in fact closed if you left home a little too quickly this morning. You are able to open and close your door for someone you have given permission to enter your house, such as a child, a parent, or a technician to repair a home appliance.

Can I install it on my current garage door opener?

Yes, if you have a door opener manufactured after 1993, and if it is the brand LiftMaster, Chamberlain or Craftsman (Sears). There are also other brands that you can add this application to. Visit our FAQ section on this subject.

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MyQ App

What are my possible options?

LiftMaster provides up to 3 possible options for accessing this application. See this document.

Garage door opener parts, repair, tablet, PC
Garage door opener parts, repair, tablet, PC
Garage door opener parts, repair, tablet, PC
MyQ… Easy to set up.

What do I have to do to install this app on my smartphone, tablet or computer?

If your door opener already has the accessories needed to install the MyQ app, you first have to open an account and follow the necessary instructions. Click on this link or watch this video.

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Internet Gateway (828LM)
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Universal Garage Door Smartphone Controller (821LM)
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